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KnockOut-Templet™ (KO-Templet) - Patent Pending

The PANEL BOARD Layout Tool


Options for KO-Templet After Panel Board Has Been Mounted:

For your company's logo on the KO-Templet, please contact us at (952) 432-4817 for pricing.

Option Use #1:   Home Run templet (¾”) is laid out length ways with NECA spacing between each center point. Simply place the KO-Templet flat down on top of the Panel Board, slide it up against the wall using either the ¾” or 1 ½” side of tool for spacing from wall. Once you position the KO-Templet where you need the connectors, simply mark the holes, remove tool and proceed drilling out ¾” connectors.

Option Use #2:   Center points are positioned to be used with ¾” or 1 ½” channel. If you are installing a ½” or up to 4” connector, place the KO-Templet at right angles to the Panel Board using either the ¾” or 1 ½” side of tool. Once the KO-Templet is firmly up against the wall, place a marker or scribing tool in the centerline opening. Proceed to pull the KO-Templet along the wall, marking a line 1 inch longer than your intended opening, onto your surface. You can now place the visual aid of the tool along the line to get a center point. From that point, place the KO-Templet at right angles to the scribed line. Proceed to draw another as the first, giving you intersecting lines at right angles to each other.

Option Use #3:    A visual aid showing a center line outside dimensions of EMT ranging from ½” up to 4” is placed on one side of the KO-Templet to be used as needed (example as in Option #2, above).

Option Use #4:    For your measurement needs, an 18” ruler is placed on one side of the KO-Templet.