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1. What does AJ stand for?
"Adjustable Jig" - One jig, which adjusts and handles from 8" thru 13" circle bolt patterns.

2. Will the AJ sink in the concrete?
Thousands of AJ's are already being used in the field and there has not been one report of them sinking. It was designed to hold the bolts in suspension in a 3000# or greater aggregate pour. Anything less, it is recommended that you take a short piece of EMT and tie it to the anchor bolts and let the EMT rest on the sono-tube.

3. How do I attach the bolts to the AJ?
It is recommended you use 8 heavy-duty - 100# minimum - plastic tie wraps. Some contractors prefer tie wire but slippage can occur if bolts are oily.

4. How far below the concrete surface should the AJ be upon completion?
It is your preference but it should be minimally 2" to 3" below the concrete surface.

5. How do you center the bolts in the sono-tube?
Once the pour is finished and before you trowel just grab the bolts and muscle it into center, thus the reason for heavy-duty tie wraps.

6. Will the AJ work for a smaller diameter than 8"?
Yes, just tie wrap your bolts on the inside corners of the AJ. With that it can be reduced down to 6".