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AJ Speedset™

Hassle-free anchor bolt installation for setting outdoor light poles.

AJ Speedset is an adjustable jig that creates a simplified, time saving way to install ¾”, 1” or 1¼” anchor bolts in concrete for area lighting.

The AJ Speedset won the 2001 Showstopper Award

  • Reduce Cost
  • Ensure Precision Quality Installation, Time After Time
  • No More Plywood

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LidEz™ - (Patent Pending)


  • Stop the sheet rockers' zip drill from nicking your wires
  • Stop the taper from filling your box with mud
  • Stop the painter from painting your wires
  • Stop these problems & save time with this cheap, simple product


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(KO-Templet) - (Patent Pending)

Panel Board Layout Tool


  • Home Run Templet for up to (11) ¾” EMT Connectors
  • Center Points for ½” thru 4” EMT
  • Visual Aid for Center Line and Outside Lines of ½” thru 4” EMT
  • Designed to place Center Line at appropriate positions. When using either ¾” or 1 ½” channel for strapping means.
  • Ruler

The KO-Templet

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StubEz™ - (Patent Pending)

StubEz standardizes and simplifies underground stub-ups by racking conduits uniformly and making positions easily transferred onto electrical panel for knockouts.

StubEz Advantages:

  • Save an Hour or more in labor
  • Conduit is straight and professional
  • Accommodates (16) ¾", (2) 1",(2) 1 ¼" sizes of conduit
  • Accepts combination of main feeder conduit sizes with 2 larger openings
  • Easy bend down tabs to identify openings 'as needed'


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