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"Thanks for designing the StubEz!! It's definitely a timesaver, not only during the slabbing operation but laying out the knockouts is a snap as well!! The final product looks very professional, and that's very important to us. With the rising cost of labor, it's always nice to find another way to save time!"

Mike, Nickles Electric, Madison, WI      



"Rnd Products has taken a task job for an electrician and really made it simple, mistake proof and faster with the Knockout-Templet. Thank You."

Michael Kitta, Project Manager, Westmoreland Electric, Tarrs, PA      


AJ Speedset™

"The AJ's keep the anchor bolts straight and save us a lot of time getting ready to pour concrete in the bases."

Gordon Geisen, Kidron Electric, Kidron, OH      

"I strongly recommend the AJ to all contractors still using the old method to set anchor bolts. We first started using the new jigs 8 months ago and now all of our job supervisors insist on using this no-hassle method."

Kevin Coons, Bonnette, Page & Stone General Contractors, Laconia, NH      

"The AJ has greatly enhanced our production of setting anchor bolts. With it our employees can set more anchor bolts more efficiently and with less time."

William Faunt, J. Ranck Electric, Sault Ste. Marie, MI      

"I can't write what our field guys said about the AJ's, other than 'get us more'!"

Dan Flichman, Davis Pickering & Co., Marietta, OH      

"Summit Electric likes the AJ because it saves time and because the anchor bolts are positively held together and are easier to handle."

Lisa, Summit Electric, Troy, MI      

"The AJ saves time and makes it easy to provide a nice finish on the top of the pole bases. I immediately ordered 100 more!"

Keith Buckley, South Shore Electric, Elyria, OH      

"This product was timesaving and efficient. You shipped to us immediately which made all the difference in meeting our deadline on a very important job while we were in a pinch."

Gary Hoover, President, Hoover Electric, Detroit, MI      

"We like the AJ because it takes the guess work out of keeping the anchor bolts level and straight."

Brian Leathery, Lancaster Electric, Erie, PA      

"Jess Murdock wanted you to know that he finds the AJ extremely user-friendly and it saves labor costs which makes him very happy."

John Harriger, Purchasing Agent, Church & Murdock Electric, Erie, PA      

"Thank you for a wonderfull product! The AJ is everything it was advertised to me and more. It makes installation of anchor bolts a super fast snap."

Tim Oswald, Morse Electric, Rockford, IL      

"I can't tell you how thrilled we are with the AJ. Simply put, it makes our job a lot easier and saves us time to boot."

Jim Thompson, Keystone Electric, Erie, PA      

"The AJ cost is offset by the savings of time and material to set up and cut plywood templates, plus the top of the concrete pour remains exposed allowing for easy finishing."

John Chaput, Midwest Interstate Electric, Chicago, IL      

"Your AJ's are the best templates we have found. We save on field & warehouse man hours, and they're a snap to use."

Paulette Sager, RCI Electric, Farmington Hills, MI      

"The 19 AJ's were a big help and saved us alot of time."

Rich Sheehy, Amp Electric, Janesville, WI      

"AJ's are great, they save us the time coordinating between the warehouse and field over the old plywood templates."

Lisa Becker, Sr. Proj. Coordinator, Parr Electric, Elgin, IL      

"Our pole base guys think they're great so on the 2nd order I bought 100 AJ's!"

Gary Barnhart, Purchasing Agent Ellsworth Electric, Hagerstown, MD      

"Our concrete pole base specialist said the AJ is the best thing to happen in 50 years."

Lee Barnes, President Allstate Electric, Sandy, Utah      

"I had doubts on my 1st order but not on the 2nd - they really do work - and they don't sink!!!"

Mark, Primo Lighting - Cockeysville, MD      

"These AJ's are not as good as you said - they're better - send me 25 more ASAP."

Duane, Mueske Electric - Spirit Lake, IA      

"Boy, it takes only one mistake the old way to make this payoff big time!"

Joe, Elect Technologies, Inc. - Chickasha, OK      

"Finally, the bolts are straight! They really saved us time and the men think they are great!"

Pete, Henry Electric, Inc. - Fort Wayne, IN      

"Why didn't you call me 2 weeks ago? I needed the AJ sooner!"

John, Kuntz Electric - Rochester, MN      



A-J Speedset™ recognized by NECA for IMPROVING PRODUCTIVITY

"The types of new products that stop electrical contractors in the aisles of trade shows are the ones that can immediately impart their bottom line. If a product can save time, energy, and money, it always gets a second look.  Electrical contractors and their field personnel know what works and what doesn't, so when they see a concept that will improve productivity and profits, they latch on to unique solutions."

The 2001 NECA Showstopper selections are no exception. The selection committee, made up exclusively of electrical contractors, scoured the aisles at the trade show inside the Washington D.C. Convention Center to hand pick this year's 25 winners. The ability of a product or service to save time and improve productivity was clearly the common denominator. Each of the selections exemplifies the type of innovation that has made the NECA Showstopper Awards represent immediate solutions to everyday tasks. They represent the elite in available products and services as judged by those who make the purchase decisions."  (Joe Kelly, Electrical Contractor: 2001 NECA Showstopper Awards. (Washington DC: January 2002), pg 34.