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AJ Speedset™
Hassle-free anchor bolt installation for setting outdoor light poles and sign poles.
Listen to an AJ Speedset audio demo.

AJ Speedset adjustable jig

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AJ Speedset is an adjustable jig that creates a simplified, time saving way to install ¾”, 1”, 1¼” or 1½” anchor bolts in concrete for area lighting.

AJ Speedset advantages:

AJ Speedset adjustable jig in use

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Instructions for use:

  1. Easy assembly of four identical pieces - simply slide two pieces together and then join the two sets.
  2. Adjust jig to desired ¾”, 1”, 1¼” or 1½” bolt-circle size by using the pre-stamped measurements located on all four sides.
  3. Adjust to desired size and use pre-drilled holes to install #8 or #10 sheet metal screws to firmly secure jig together.
  4. Attach anchor bolts to corners using "heavy duty" (100# min.) plastic tie wraps.
  5. Once verified, hold or push bolt assembly in sono-tube using a minimum of 3000# aggregate concrete. Upon completion, AJ will remain 2” to 3” below concrete surface and then trowel over... That's It!
  6. Important note: Scale on side of AJ is center-to-center measurement using ¾” bolts any other bolt size the scale will be inaccurate therefore verify all bolt projection & pattern measurement variances per pole specifications.