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RnD Products specializes in providing high quality, timesaving products which standardize certain applications for contractors.

A contractor, with over 25 years experience in the industry, is designing our series of products that address everyday problems in the field.

The first four products of a series include the AJ Speedset™, StubEz™, LidEz™ and the KnockOut-Templet™ panel board layout tool. The AJ Speedset™ was recognized by NECA and awarded its NECA Showstopper Award where it was cited for saving time, energy and money. Many contractors are now setting their anchor bolts in just minutes!

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Save up to 30 min

AJ Speedset™

Save up to 45 min
Use Heavy Duty Tie Wraps (min 100#)


Save up to 1 1/2 hrs

Now you can order from select wholesalers or through our web site, either by credit card, or by setting up an open account.

What Our Customers are Saying...

"I strongly recommend the AJ to all contractors still using the old method to set anchor bolts. We first started using the new jigs 8 months ago and now all of our job supervisors insist on using this no-hassle method."

Kevin Coons, Bonnette, Page & Stone General Contractors, Laconia, NH      

"I can't write what our field guys said about the AJ's, other than 'get us more'!"

Dan Flichman, Davis Pickering & Co., Marietta, OH      

"Thanks for designing the StubEz!! It's definitely a timesaver, not only during the slabbing operation but laying out the knockouts is a snap as well!! The final product looks very professional, and that's very important to us. With the rising cost of labor, it's always nice to find another way to save time!"

Mike, Nickles Electric, Madison, WI      

"Our pole base guys think they're great so on the 2nd order I bought 100 AJ's!"

Gary Barnhart, Purchasing Agent Ellsworth Electric, Hagerstown, MD      

"Our concrete pole base specialist said the AJ is the best thing to happen in 50 years."

Lee Barnes, President Allstate Electric, Sandy, Utah      

"Thank you for a wonderful product! The AJ is everything it was advertised to be and more. It makes installation of anchor bolts a super fast snap."

Tim Oswald, Morse Electric, Rockford, IL      

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